How to Show Google Ads on Mobile Version of Blogger Blog in Mobile

How to Show Google Ads on Mobile Version of Blogger Blog

Ads Showing in Blogger

If you were searching the way about how to show Google Ads on Mobile version of Blogger blog, then I am sure your current Blogger blog is now showing Google Adsense ads on the mobile version. If this is so, the bad news is, you are missing a lot of revenue from your blog. Because around 40-50% of your visitors are from Mobile operating system like Android, iOS or Symbian etc. So, if you are not showing ads for your mobile version of Blogger blog, you are actually losing money and blog revenue just for a simple mistake.
This is a good advantage for the bloggers to have a mobile site by default from Blogger. But you will have to check on a mobile device whether your site is showing mobile ads or not. I am mentioning the word, CHECK because for some cases, you automatically show Google ads on your mobile version of the site.
But after checking if you have found, your mobile version of Blogger blog is not showing mobile ads, you can follow the below simple steps to show ads on your mobile blog. Though you will not be able to show 5 ad units on your mobile version of blogger blog, but you will be able to show one small banner and a large rectangle on the mobile version (which works really good for a mobile webpage).


If the Google Adsense ads are not showing in the mobile version of your blogger blog, this means “Your Google Adsense Account is not connected to your Blogger dashboard”. Some people has already got the trick! But for the newbie bloggers, I want to explain a bit more.
Ads showing in mobile
Show Ads in blog

If the above two are your cases, then
  1. Go to your blogger Dashboard and change the earning setting.
  2. What to change? Click On THEME >> Mobile Templete Below see SETTING icon on Click. & Click on No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices. That’s it! Now save the setting and you will start showing ads on your mobile version of blogger blog.
3. If your Google Adsense is not associated with your Blogger account, Click on “Switch Adsense account” follow the steps. Then enable “Show ads on blog”, you are all done!
My blogger blogs were also showing Ads in the mobile version. So, I tried to search the reason and found under my Earning tab, “Show ads on blog” was not enabled as I had copied all the codes from Adsense setting and inserted in my blog. Now, I have enable Show ads on blog and all my blogger blogs are showing ads and I can see the difference in earning significantly.
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Hope the above tips will work for you and will increase your ad revenue. If you still face any problem, you can contact me or leave a comment. I reply quickly to the comments. You can share the trick with your friends also.

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