Earning app free aia for thunkable and appybuilder 

Earning aia file free thunakble

Who doesn't know thunkable? If you ever want to work in admob but you don't have any knowledge of coding so this is the greatest platform ever had.
In this platform you can make Android application without any coding knowledge. There are many platform like this we have Apy Builder,makeroid thunkable is widely used platform to make Android application.

You can add admob banner ad admob interstitial ad And earn money from this.
Today I want to give me 25 best I file for thunkable. But first let me tell you what is  AIA file is.
What is AIA file is:

Aia file is a extension .Like app.AIA
AIA file is not a source code to make apps. If you have aia file of thuankable then you can only open it in thunkable. if you have apybuilder AIA file then you can only  open it in apybuilder. That is how it works.

If you need any help to make apk just comment below!!

1)Task Application:

In the first we have Task.AIA.With this file you can make your own apk like Task apk.In this AIA the task system is already installed. You need to just edit in degainer and place the adcode of your. This is a high quality aia file.Click here to download the aia.

2)Aia of Earning App:

In number 2 we have Professional earning app's aia file.Just open thia aia file via thuankable and edit it in Degainer section and don't forget to change the ad code and other essential thing like firebase url.If you want to change timer then click on clock and change the time from the degainer section. Earning App.aia.Just click on earning app.aia to download the aia file.


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